Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Having an office located at the beach gives you many sights to lift your spirits. There are open acts of whimsy displayed playfully in the yards.

Signs reminding you of what is important in life.

There are brightly colored facades that always wear happy sunny faces regardless of what the weather may be.

Some of them even live out loud.

We do still have "normal" housing with their greys, tans, and some cozy little white cottages but there is color to be found around every corner.

And this house sums it all up.


  1. Creativity abounds. Very cool pics.

  2. it's all that sunshine and fresh sea air, it really allows the child within to come out for all to see. How wonderful that you have such views to help inspire and refresh you each day.

  3. What fun. Looking at these photos just confirms what I've always thought...I should be living at the beach.

    Although....the houses all up on stilts has me a little worried...

  4. Great photos. And my do I ever love your header photo. I just want to step into it.

  5. Great photos! My sister just moved to "the beach". She has always loved it there. She's in Myrtle Beach. I love the colorful houses. So fresh and summery looking.

  6. Those pics make me want to walk barefoot through the warm beach sand...

  7. Thanks for stopping by (and leaving a comment on my 'comment' post!) I love the photos on your blog, did you take them...very pretty.