Saturday, February 27, 2010

Queen's Creek

This is the creek by our place and yes this is what "creeks" look like when you live at the beach. The morning light and water always mix to create such a dreamy state which makes it very hard to keep driving to work. I just want to pull over each morning, sit on the bank, and just drift away with my thoughts. Of course this would be possible if I got up earlier but ..... This particular morning was just too hard to resist and luckily I had my camera. I love how the clouds are mirrored in the water, calling for all those passing by to come and take a moment to reflect.

This gives you a look back at the bridge. You can see how they did not span the width of the creek when they built it, but filled in the land on either side. Even though it is wide it is pretty shallow. I'm told it used to be much deeper and when they built up the sides they interferred with the tidal flow which caused it to fill in. Our land is part of an old Pine Tar Plantation and the large vessels used to traverse down this creek to pick up their loads. My husband has a collection of some Ballast Stones that boats would drop off when they picked up the Pine Tar. I love to sit sometimes and imagine all the activity scurring around the plantation and the ships pulling up to the creek bank to be loaded. Just imagine how many people through time have passed this way.

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  1. Great way to start each day.....makes breathing easier...