Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Coming

I noticed today that the beach stores have been stocking up on their summer merchandise. The beach carts are out and the brightly colored chairs are lined up waiting to lift spirits and take their place under the sun.

Then look what else I found, young daffodils with buds ready to burst forth their sunny yellow faces and shout out to the world that spring has arrived.

Each day there are more birds coming to our yard to feast and the weatherman is calling for mid 60's next week with lows in the 40's. Please, please tell me it's here to stay and not just a tease, giving us hope only to dash it a few days later. This past year I have tried to set my mind and my thermostats to stay as aclimated to the changing seasons as possible and for most of this winter I felt I was doing pretty good considering. That is until the last few weeks in which I have felt colder than on the coldest days of January. I feel I have run out of energy to stand against the elements, that enough is enough, so please let this be Spring I see.

1 comment:

  1. Jeez, 20 degrees and snowing last week and the grass is jumping out of
    the ground today. Nature does not tarry.