Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Sweetest Boy Ever

I intended for this blog to be a place to share good times and laughter but even when life is grand a few tears must fall. We lost our beloved C C earlier this week and I never put a post up for him but I still want to introduce this gentle soul to you. The title says it all C C was the sweetest boy ever.
He was so easy to deal with but underneath I could tell it was not only his natural temperament that made him this way. C C didn't want any hassles and had seemed to learn along the way that it was easier just to go along.
He had just turned 22 on March 4 and had been with us just short of three years but we had fallen totally in love with him at our first meeting. I was hesitant to get an older horse but once we met him we were hooked. He was always so calm and even tempered, never hesitant or fearful, what some people call a bulletproof horse. Right away we noticed signs that he may have had some hard treatment in his life but we set his mind to rest quickly that with us he would only be treated gently. He came to trust us within a few weeks but still always kept a part of himself a little distant and sheltered. He had outward scars, evidence of possibly being tangled in barbed wire and other injuries but I was sometimes saddened to wonder what had scarred his soul so. Whatever his life had been we decided was to be left in the past and we planned to give him many happy comfortable years at Sweet T.
He was a beautiful horse, a Line Back Red Dunn Quarter Horse. His mane and tail burgundy against his light orange coat and you can't tell so much from the photograph but his tail had many colors. I often thought that some of the young girls around would be envious of the multi shades of burgundy, wine and even some purplish coloring mixed throughout.
He also had those gorgeous Quarter Horse muscles which I can imagine were even more stunning in his prime. C C instantly brought a sense of peace and calm to our little farm from the moment he stepped foot on the property. We loved him so and he will be dearly missed but I imagine him now in knee deep sweet meadow grass as far as the eye can see. Happy grazing C C.


  1. We get attached so strongly and love, knowing we will one day say goodbye. What a beautiful creature. You provided him some peaceful
    final years.

  2. I'm sorry Maria. It's like losing a family member, isn't it? What a perfect tribute to him you've put together here.

  3. Sounds like you gave him a positive, sweet life. I'm glad you had that time together.

  4. Maria, I know exactly what it's like for you, and I am so happy for your family and for CC that you found one another. How wonderful that he had security and love and peace and purpose in his last years.
    I never hesitiate adopting a horse because of its age. A three year old could die the day after purchase just as easily as a 22 year old . . .
    There are so many horses "out there" . . . always more horses than people who want them. I hope that another special horse will find a spot with your family.

  5. Maria, my heart goes out to you, as I know that CC's passing has left a sad spot in your heart. He's such a gorgeous boy... and I'm so happy that your family gave him 3 happy years. Every horse deserves a happy home, but it's a shame how many don't have that home, along with the dogs and cats... ah, don't get me started!!

    Hugs to you and your family, Maria. I hope you find another deserving horse to help fill the void that CC has left in your hearts.

  6. How sad to lose such a gentle soul. How blessed he was to have found a home with you where he was clearly loved and respected. I'm so sorry for the loss you're feeling. It's heartbreaking to go through and words can't touch the depth of feeling I know you're experiencing right now. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  7. c.c was so loved. That is a blessing. What joy animals give us and for nothing in return. It is amazing to me. So much to learn.

  8. You have me crying and falling in love with him too. I think he came home when he came to live with you and that's why he seemed so calm and loving to you. He knew this was his last and forever home with people who would love him and whom he could relax and love in return. That must have filled him with such peace to realize that his journey was finished. He was home. Bless your hearts for loving him. Rest in peace sweet CC. I love that picture where his eyes are closed in sweet contentment...that says it all.