Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bluebird On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

Robins are the birds that are said to signify that spring has arrived but for me it's the bluebird that does it. Seeing these guys around the yard just gives me that wonderful feeling of bliss that says yes we are done with winter. As I was out working in the pastures this past weekend, with my little bully dog by my side, some bluebirds decided to come join us. I had stopped momentarily from my task and looked back admiring (and being astounded) how good and sweet T-Bone was being just laying there next to the tractor. As I did this three bluebirds flew right over top of him and landed on fence post next to the tractor. Two of them alternated from sitting on the post to flitting about and ... we'll say playing, while the third just sat and watched me. For a moment I drifted off to a fairytale land where we actually could converse and sing together but I know he was really just waiting to see what big juicy tid bit I might unearth for him.
Of course as all this was happening outside my camera was inside. I thought for a second of running to get it but knew the scene would change before I returned so decided to just enjoy the moment as it was happening. The pictures above were taken last spring, the top one at my dad's and the bottom at a friends house here at the beach.


  1. So pretty. I've been enjoying spending a few early morning minutes laying in bed listening to one songbird warble outside my window. It's a wonderful way to wake up.

  2. While I was sitting in the dentist chair today I saw several blue birds out the window and I have to totally agree with you~ bluebirds herald spring is here, to me!! There is still that bit in the air when it blows but in the sunshine it is all good. These are some beautiful pictures, by the way.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. I have seen a few bluebirds here in Kansas, as well . . . Wonderful harbingers of spring!
    I, also, had the same dilemma two nights ago (no camera and perfect photo opportunity) when a baby cottontail crawled out from under one of the water troughs when I scrubbed and dumped it. The Cottontail and I spent quite awhile observing one another . . . he, under my little farm truck, and me, laying on my tummy on the ground next to the truck. I did as you: just enjoyed the moment, appreciating Nature.

  4. Your photo is so striking! I really love it.