Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bluebird On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

Robins are the birds that are said to signify that spring has arrived but for me it's the bluebird that does it. Seeing these guys around the yard just gives me that wonderful feeling of bliss that says yes we are done with winter. As I was out working in the pastures this past weekend, with my little bully dog by my side, some bluebirds decided to come join us. I had stopped momentarily from my task and looked back admiring (and being astounded) how good and sweet T-Bone was being just laying there next to the tractor. As I did this three bluebirds flew right over top of him and landed on fence post next to the tractor. Two of them alternated from sitting on the post to flitting about and ... we'll say playing, while the third just sat and watched me. For a moment I drifted off to a fairytale land where we actually could converse and sing together but I know he was really just waiting to see what big juicy tid bit I might unearth for him.
Of course as all this was happening outside my camera was inside. I thought for a second of running to get it but knew the scene would change before I returned so decided to just enjoy the moment as it was happening. The pictures above were taken last spring, the top one at my dad's and the bottom at a friends house here at the beach.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Simple Fun

Who needs to spend lots of money on a gym membership, exercise equipment and expensive "toys". A simple ball on a rope provides loads of fun and exercise.

Ahhh, sweet exhaustion. The kind that comes from giving something your all.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Sweetest Boy Ever

I intended for this blog to be a place to share good times and laughter but even when life is grand a few tears must fall. We lost our beloved C C earlier this week and I never put a post up for him but I still want to introduce this gentle soul to you. The title says it all C C was the sweetest boy ever.
He was so easy to deal with but underneath I could tell it was not only his natural temperament that made him this way. C C didn't want any hassles and had seemed to learn along the way that it was easier just to go along.
He had just turned 22 on March 4 and had been with us just short of three years but we had fallen totally in love with him at our first meeting. I was hesitant to get an older horse but once we met him we were hooked. He was always so calm and even tempered, never hesitant or fearful, what some people call a bulletproof horse. Right away we noticed signs that he may have had some hard treatment in his life but we set his mind to rest quickly that with us he would only be treated gently. He came to trust us within a few weeks but still always kept a part of himself a little distant and sheltered. He had outward scars, evidence of possibly being tangled in barbed wire and other injuries but I was sometimes saddened to wonder what had scarred his soul so. Whatever his life had been we decided was to be left in the past and we planned to give him many happy comfortable years at Sweet T.
He was a beautiful horse, a Line Back Red Dunn Quarter Horse. His mane and tail burgundy against his light orange coat and you can't tell so much from the photograph but his tail had many colors. I often thought that some of the young girls around would be envious of the multi shades of burgundy, wine and even some purplish coloring mixed throughout.
He also had those gorgeous Quarter Horse muscles which I can imagine were even more stunning in his prime. C C instantly brought a sense of peace and calm to our little farm from the moment he stepped foot on the property. We loved him so and he will be dearly missed but I imagine him now in knee deep sweet meadow grass as far as the eye can see. Happy grazing C C.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Having Fun with Meadow's Drink

Meadow Linn of Savor the Day had a contest to name a rum and lemon inspired drink. It was too hard to choose that one special name but we had fun trying out several different ones. Here's what we came up with.

The name of the community we live in is Bear Creek, so named after Bear Island just across the waterway. If you are not from the beach check out my post about Queen's Creek to see what creeks are like here. You'll see that after you've been out paddling through the creeks and waterways you might want a "Bear Creek Buzz" when you get home. We don't recommend drinking on the water but if you do be responsible and take along a designated paddler.

For those times you have friends over for a pig picking or oyster roast you might want to serve some "Lemon Drop Tea". You know how we love our tea here in the south.

After a long day of dusty trail riding ....'re surely going to want a glass of thirst quenching "Rummy Yummy" waiting.

When you are having a picnic under clear blue skies or just laying on the grass watching the clouds float by you might want to have a "Meadow Soleil" by your side. This name is in honor of the drink's creator, Meadow, and maybe a little because we live on Meadow Creek.

(Oops I didn't get to this one while I still had some sunshine but you get the idea.)

When you find yourself on a deserted island you may want to add more spices and then you'll have a "Jamaican Spice" or if you are basking in the sun on one of NC's fantastic beaches add some lime and enjoy a "Caribbean Tart". I'm partial to the latter, but that might be because our last name is Tart.

And lastly, while chilling with friends on the back deck, with my husband picking and singing a few Buffet tunes, throw in a lot of different fruit and relax with a "Parrot Island Fruit Juice".

Now I know bloggers love recipes and I've wanted to have some here or over at KAP but there's one problem - me and cooking, not so much. For Meadow it is a passion so head on over to Savor the Day to get the recipe for this drink (don't forget to dance) along with lots more fun and food. I may have recipes coming here soon by a guest blogger, so stay tuned. I've been talking about this with my friend Pam who also has a passion for cooking. Maybe we Pam can bring some wonderful seafood dishes your way.

BTW, this drink is really good and Meadow we had so much fun with it!

The End

It's Coming

I noticed today that the beach stores have been stocking up on their summer merchandise. The beach carts are out and the brightly colored chairs are lined up waiting to lift spirits and take their place under the sun.

Then look what else I found, young daffodils with buds ready to burst forth their sunny yellow faces and shout out to the world that spring has arrived.

Each day there are more birds coming to our yard to feast and the weatherman is calling for mid 60's next week with lows in the 40's. Please, please tell me it's here to stay and not just a tease, giving us hope only to dash it a few days later. This past year I have tried to set my mind and my thermostats to stay as aclimated to the changing seasons as possible and for most of this winter I felt I was doing pretty good considering. That is until the last few weeks in which I have felt colder than on the coldest days of January. I feel I have run out of energy to stand against the elements, that enough is enough, so please let this be Spring I see.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Having an office located at the beach gives you many sights to lift your spirits. There are open acts of whimsy displayed playfully in the yards.

Signs reminding you of what is important in life.

There are brightly colored facades that always wear happy sunny faces regardless of what the weather may be.

Some of them even live out loud.

We do still have "normal" housing with their greys, tans, and some cozy little white cottages but there is color to be found around every corner.

And this house sums it all up.