Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet Agapios

Agapios is a Mediterranean donkey so named because the breed came to America from the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinea. His name is Agapios but everyone just calls him Gapi and I sometimes call him Little Man. The name Agapios, which is after the greek word for love, is his registered name given by his breeders. Yes Gapi has papers, he's somebody and if you don't believe me just ask him. I'm sure he does not like me calling him Little Man because in his mind he is The Man. He is pretty full of himself and feels he is the center of all things and without him we have no purpose. Yes he's arrogant but in that cute adorable way, like a little dog running with the big dogs and thinks he is just the same size or bigger.

He's a sweety though and has stolen my heart along with everyone who meets him and few who have only seen pictures. You can't be around him and not smile or laugh it's just physically impossible. People come here and just watch him even when he's not really doing anything. After a while of smiling and feeling warm just being around him they turn and ask "but what do you do with him?" We are baffled that we get this question over and over, my answer is only "you just did it". I don't know why people think equines are just for riding, we actually enjoy caring for them and seeing them contently grazing as much or more so than riding. Getting back to Gapi, I don't really have any pictures of some of his most fun moments but I'll work on getting some. Also my camera takes video if I'll just try it out and of course then I'll have to learn to get it on the computer and into the blog. Always something to learn. Hopefully I'll be able to capture some moments that will make you laugh or at least give you a warm fuzzy smile.


  1. Gapi is adorable. I don't want to offend him, so tell him I said adorable in a very handsome and manly way ;)

  2. He couldn't be any more adorable. Brought a smile to my face just seeing his cute little mug. I love just watching my horses too. They are better than TV.

  3. I think he's adorable. (Seems like the description of choice here...)

    I love just listening to my cat snore or my bunny nibble on hay. Those contented sounds are so soothing and relaxing. I would tatally enjoy just sitting there watching Gapi for a few hours.