Friday, February 12, 2010

Small Towns

While picking up feed at the local garden/feed store yesterday I got to visit a while with Smokey. Most places you go around here have a resident animal to greet you. Besides Smokey, there is a Calico at the hardware/lumber yard, a Lab at the insurance agency, Fritz the Schnauzer at the surveryors, a Jack Russell that rides around with the most burly construction worker, Labradoodles, Pekingese ..... and oh I can't forget Bonnie a mixed Shepard at the real estate office next door. I get to watch Bonnie take her person out to play catch a couple of times a day in front of my office. She has quite an extensive wardrobe of bandanas. I don't know if this is just a small town thing, the laid back beach lifestyle, or if it's more common than I realize. Do many businesses where you live have animals on staff as well?

Smokey seems wise to nap on the feed bags in case she wants a snack.


  1. What a unique cat!

    Enjoyed my visit to your blog!


  2. she's such a beautiful cat!!!

  3. Hey, I think you're in Heaven! There are a few places I frequent that have animals on staff. The vets office, of course, and the pet food store. The occasional niche market retail store will have a cat or a dog. I would love to have an animal where I work.

    BTW, you sound like me. I know all the animals names, but don't ask me to name the people.