Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birdie Update

This was the little birdies yesterday and today they are all gone. My cute little babies have left the nest. There were five little hungry ones in there so I'm sure mom is off for a well needed rest and probably a big dinner she gets to keep all for herself.
BTW, can anyone tell me what kind they are from this picture? Mom is a little bird but I never got a picture of her.


  1. They might be House Wrens or in the wren family. Wrens typically like houses, garages, barns; cosy, homey spots for their nests.


  2. Morning,
    Think Dawn is right. Wrens love building nests around houses and garages.
    One in my open toolbox that was on a high shelf. Love watching them make nest. today and gone tomorrow.

  3. ...and I bet the won't even write...

  4. They're all gone already?! They seem too small to be on their own so soon. So cute.

  5. That white eyestripe says Carolina Wren to me--brave little birds and one of my favorites!