Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Bit of Heaven

Sure wish you could smell this, it is pure heaven! This bloom is on one of the Sweetbay Magnolias that grow "wild" in our yard. They just volunteer themselves right up around our front yard and I'm blessed by their sweet aroma with no effort on my part. Each time I walk by one I'm drawn in to pause for a moment, breathe deep, and let myself be transported away. At times little drifts of aroma pass by as I sit on the porch or by the pond and I'm always thankful that they chose to plant their roots here and provide us with a little piece of heaven.

On a side note they are recognized by many names and I call them Swamp Magnolia. My husband interjects each time that they are Sweetbays, I don't think he likes me using "Swamp" when talking about these little beauties. I happen to really like swamps, wetlands, and following little creeks deep into the forest.


  1. I can almost smell it just looking at this picture. Jealous again....

  2. We have a huge Magnolia tree next the the house and the blossoms are so high up but on occasion I can reach up and pull a branch with a bloom on it close enough to get a good smell in. Those big white cream flowers are just as pretty as they smell.

  3. Wow. What a wonderful treat to have growing wild. They are indeed intoxicating.